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I am not un-mediocre/MaskedVillain, i am just a fan trying to make a sequel for a game i've loved since i was younger.

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Posted by Krylion47 - November 26th, 2019

Murloc v0.0.9-2 ALPHA is here

I have published Murloc v0.0.9-2 alpha, even though it's not as finished as i've wanted it to be (i'm mostly trying to release 1 update/5 days) there are some known issues (i.e. Some of the items number while in combat may not show properly or show at all, other balance issues that i've had yet to fix)

In this new update i have:

  • Added potions [suggestion]
  • Added Mazzo The Alchimist
  • Changed the quests rewards
  • Added more items
  • Fixed sinister strike and added a passive with some damage changes [i.e. fear now works properly on enemies and every rogue ability now scales with agility as before it scaled with strength].
  • Nerfed abilities damage
  • Buffed bleed damage
  • Nerfed/Changed healing [now scales more with higher the level, might have some unknown issues]
  • Changed Makryl's items
  • Changed the loot drop completely [however the loot drop as of now scales only until level 10].
  • Nerfed the raptor's overall level/damage/etc [might buff later, don't know for sure, might also nerf the overall damage higher level swords/mace/daggers do, still too early in the game for high damage..]
  • Fixed the known visual bugs [i.e. Sinister Strike cost improperly shown, Frost Nova effect breaking every turn after usage]
  • Added 1 secret item [postman stuff]
  • Changed the buyback basic function [might add more slots to the buyback function later on]
  • [I wished that i could have added some 2 new monsters and worked on the new area after the raptor, and yes i know the collision at the zone behind the raptor is kind of broken (was too lazy to place a wall, sorry! ^^))
  • Moved some of the Murlocs around to make space for Mazzo The Alchimist
  • Buffed enemy health/damage scaling [might change later on for balance, seems i have alot of issue balancing things, haha....]

Some useful informations for you guys:

  • Bleeding makes the enemy not be able to heal (usually enemies heal at 1/4 of their hp)
  • Fear reduces half of the enemy's damage/same for Murk [however critical strikes still are a thing!! even if their damage is reduced in half aswell]


Posted by Krylion47 - November 19th, 2019

The new update is here!

Murloc 3 v0.0.9 alpha:

  • Added a fan suggestion; Shop item buyback (can only hold 1 item!).
  • Added 2 skills to each class.
  • Nerfed enemy damage.
  • Added 2 new effects.
  • Fixed known bugs.


Posted by Krylion47 - November 19th, 2019

Right about done finishing with the classes abilities (at the moment each class will have 2 abilities), just have to tinker some more with the Raptor boss before releasing the 0.0.9 update :) also some text might be oversized/out of place and/or some new bugs might have occured due to flash losing my file and me having to decompile the swf and rewrite some of the stuff, please report any bugs that you might find or any suggestions that you have! :)